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This is the home of our pictorial reference works on the metal insignia worn by Australian Army personnel in the period from 1953 to the present day (i.e. throughout the reign of ‘QEII’).  Volume 1 covers insignia for all Corps and Schools and ‘Authorised Philanthropic Organisations‘ (such as the Red Cross). Volume 2 covers insignia for Units and Regiments of the Australian Army, over the same time period.

Volume 1 of our work was published electronically in April of 2015 and is currently available in PDF format for all devices (with 615 colour pages with scalable images). A 30 page downloadable sample of the eBook can be downloaded from  Gumroad.  The full electronic edition can be purchased and downloaded from Gumroad for the sum of AU$10 (about US$8).  More details are set out on our ‘Get the Book’ page on this website.

Meanwhile, the (236 page) ‘Concise’ hard copy edition of Volume 1 (published in September 2015) and our (312 page) hard copy edition of Volume 2 (released in July 2017), covers insignia for Units and Regiments. Both hard copy books were sold via  eBay or Amazon.com. However, hard copy stock has now sold out on both of those well known platforms and expressions of interest in future editions of those works, or progress on our work on Volume 3 (rank and trade insignia), can be found on the page titled, “Get one of our books”.

The Good News (July 2022)

A small stock of both hard copy editions of Volumes 1 and 2, have just become available. You can direct your email enquiries to: corcoran(‘at’) bigpond.net.au  Note that the correct symbol for ‘at’ has not been shown in the above address, to deal with spammers and their web bots).

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This blog has been developed to provide people who have purchased any one of our books  with a single place to go, in order to: pose questions, provide feedback and swap information on relevant militaria topics (as those arise).

In relation to Volume 1 and 2 of our series of Australian Army insignia reference works, Readers will be provided with access to several supplements to the existing published works, including:

  • a spreadsheet-based insignia ‘inventory‘ for Collectors to use when creating their personal “Wants Lists” etc; and
  • a stand-alone extract of the numbering system used for Volume 1 (All Corps/Schools) and Volume 2 (All Units/Regiments), for use as a ‘Quick Reference Guide’ without needing to open the 600 pages of each volume; and
  • additional multi-media content, as companion material to key parts of each Volume (we have just posted a presentation covering badge manufacturing techniques and how to use that knowledge to differentiate period specimens from later reproductions; and
  • periodic ‘amendments’ and/or ‘updates’ to the content of each Volume as new material is identified (whether those items are categorised as ‘good’ or ‘bad’); and
  • announcements on the progress of the other Volumes and their planned release dates; and
  • any other new material which Readers may request from time to time (as far as we are able to do so).

Please note that the “CB” Numbering system adopted by our current and planned works, will help Readers (whether experienced with Australian Army post 1953 insignia or not) to navigate around both the hard copy editions of Volumes 1 and 2 (and the eBook Edition of Volume 1) both quickly and easily. That numbering system is also designed to be used for the organisation of collections into a pattern which others will quickly come to recognise and to easily follow. This may assist all of us to identify items and to swap details on particular insignia over the web, with a greater degree of certainty and precision.

We wish you all the best,
for your research and your collecting

Mark Corcoran and Arthur Butler


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