Hard copies of Volume 1 or 2

On the 30th of October 2015, the hard-copy Edition of Volume 1 was released for general sale. The hard copy Edition of Volume 2 was published in 2017.

The ‘Concise’ (hard copy) Edition of Volume 1, consists of 236 full colour pages, while the hard copy Edition of Volume 2, runs to 312 full colour pages. Both hard copy books are spiral bound (so they open flat, without ever straining or breaking the spine) and they have cello-glazed full colour 300 gsm cardboard front and back covers. So, our hard-copy books are designed for regular use as a ready-reference source.

The Good News (May 2022)

A small stock of both hard copy editions of Volumes 1 and 2, have just become available. You can direct your email enquiries to: corcoran(‘at’) bigpond.net.au  Note that the correct symbol for ‘at’ has not been shown in the above address, to deal with spammers and their web bots).

More Good News!

A very small number of hard copies may be obtained from either Arthur or David Butler at Queensland and (some) Sydney Militaria shows.  Contact with either Arthur or David can be made via their web sites:


The Good News (Continued)

In addition, an electronic (pdf) Edition of Volume 1 is still available for download from Gum Road. The full electronic edition of Volume 1 can be purchased and downloaded from Gumroad or Paddle.com for the sum of AU$10 (about US$8). More details are set out on our ‘Get the Book’ page on this website.

We are currently working on Volume 3 of the series, which will cover metal ‘Rank and Trade’ insignia used by the Australian Army post 1953.

An announcement of our intended publication date for that work will be made here in due course. However, if you wish to express interest in receiving updates on the progress of Volume 3, or our plans for a further (Revised) Edition of both Volume 1 and Volume 2, you are welcome to send an email enquiry or register your interest via the following email address: corcoran (‘at’ symbol)bigpond.net.au

Happy Collecting and Researching

The Authors