A Sneak Peek at the format of the (soon to be released) hard copy of Volume 1

Hello Everyone,

For those of you who already have the 614 page eBook “Metal Uniform Embellishments of the Australian Army, Post 1953 (‘QEII’ Series)” Volume 1 (Insignia for Corps and Schools and Philanthropic Orgs etc)… we have some news 🙂

A new hard copy version of that work will be ready for release shortly. Before we make an announcement on the availability of that work, here is a ‘sneak peek’ at what the smaller and slimmer hard copy version will look like!

Vol 1 sample of hard cover Edition CB CB21 to CB 24 entries released 20 Jun 2015

Note that to reduce the production and therefore the purchase costs of the hard copy work AND to keep its postage costs down (both domestically and especially internationally), we have reduced the page count of the ‘encyclopedic’ approach used in the eBook (at 614 pages of detail), down to an intended hardcover version, which will weigh in at no more than 250 pages!

For those of you who have the 614 page eBook already, here’s what’s different in the hard cover version.

First, all 132 discrete “CB” entries are still covered: General Service items, Corps Badges and School and authorised Philanthropic Organisations etc. However, only one specimen set is shown for each ‘CB’ number (with front and back images). Meanwhile, the many variations covered in the eBook, have been removed… significantly reducing the page count of the case-bound publication.

Next, we’ve reduced the entries for hat badges and collar badges and metal titles etc, from separate pages, down to single pages for all three components of each ‘CB’ entry. You will now see the text and images for each entry on one page ‘at a glance’. This makes the hard copy version physically easier to handle and to use… while it leaves the eBook version to be used (as intended) as an encyclopedic reference work… which can be used to compliment the hardcover version and vice versa (of course).

See what you think and don’t hesitate to leave us some feedback… good or bad, it’s all food for thought from our standpoint.

Finally for those who have already snapped up copies of the 614 page eBook… thanks for your support for that work. At AU$10 per copy, the eBook is obviously intended to be accessible to all. Nevertheless, we hope that a ‘giant’ eBook with a nominal cover price, will still raise a credible amount of money for a worthy charity in due course. That should be something which we can all be proud of, when we announce the eventual release of Volume 2 of that eBook series we plan to release:) N.B. The second volume eBook will also run to over 600 pages (to match and continue the approach of Vol 1) and the proceeds of that eBook too, will also be directed to charity.

In due course, a hard copy of Volume 2 will also be released, much as we are about to do for Volume 1 and it too, will aim to come in under 250 pages, so that it can also be produced in an affordable hardback Edition (for those who prefer that type of product and for those who want to get the best out of both formats, by using them together).

Regards and thanks to you all!
The Authors

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I am the "C" component of the "CB" numbering system used in our book called: Metal Uniform Embellishments of the Australian Army, Post 1953 ('QEII Series') Vol 1 (Insignia for Corps and Schools etc). Yep... that's a mouthful and the 614 page eBook is an eyeful to match... with images of the front and back of each item, as well as weights and measures for each, so that badge variants can be reliably distinguished by collectors, dealers, historians, re-enactor groups and enthusiasts anywhere in the world.

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