A Colour Refererence Chart for Cloth Shoulder Titles of the Australian Army (Corps & Schools)

Here is a download link, to a list of the cloth shoulder titles worn on various grades of uniform, by members of the Australian Army (post 1953, through to 1996).

Aust Army Uniform Embellishments (post 1953) Vol 1 cloth shoulder titles list 29 Aug 2015 v2a

We hope this colour reference table will be of use to collectors and historians.  Once again, feedback on this work is welcome.

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I am the "C" component of the "CB" numbering system used in our book called: Metal Uniform Embellishments of the Australian Army, Post 1953 ('QEII Series') Vol 1 (Insignia for Corps and Schools etc). Yep... that's a mouthful and the 614 page eBook is an eyeful to match... with images of the front and back of each item, as well as weights and measures for each, so that badge variants can be reliably distinguished by collectors, dealers, historians, re-enactor groups and enthusiasts anywhere in the world.

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