Some Less Common Metal Uniform Insignia (Pt 2)

Hello All,

Here is the second installment in our series of posts on unusual metal uniform insignia of the Australian Army (during the QEII period, from 1953 to the present day).

In this blog entry, we will be looking at Federation Guard ceremonial dress belt buckles and RAR Band buckles.  The relevant entries can be found at CB 03 and CB05 of Volume 1 of our book on Australian Army insignia.


The Authors

A quick look at several variations of the Australian Army (Ceremonial Dress) belt buckle (for the Federation Guard and the RAR Band etc)

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I am the "C" component of the "CB" numbering system used in our book called: Metal Uniform Embellishments of the Australian Army, Post 1953 ('QEII Series') Vol 1 (Insignia for Corps and Schools etc). Yep... that's a mouthful and the 614 page eBook is an eyeful to match... with images of the front and back of each item, as well as weights and measures for each, so that badge variants can be reliably distinguished by collectors, dealers, historians, re-enactor groups and enthusiasts anywhere in the world.

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